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Awesome Wholesale, Digital Scale Wholesale

US BALANCE / Awesome Wholesale is a full-line scale designer, importer, distributor, and wholesaler. We carry digital scales for all applications from mini pocket digital scales all the way to professional grade Table top scales, Digital kitchen scales and industrial scales for the Educational and research field. Our company designs and carries the US Balance brand of Electronic digital scales. We are involved in every step of the scale’s construction and design process from the initial design concept & prototyping in-house to the final product being delivered to our customers.

US BALANCE / Awesome Wholesale is a hands-on company dedicated to the satisfaction of its customers. Awesome Wholesale is owned and operated by Greg Barmes and his family. Family plays a large role in the way that Awesome Wholesale conducts business. Our philosophy is to “Treat everyone like family.” We offer same day shipping and unparalleled customer service, before and after the sale. We strive to make our customers feel like they are part of our family.

US BALANCE / Awesome Wholesale offers over 40 unique and patented US Balance scaledesigns and styles. Awesome Wholesale promotes the US Balance brand scales. We introduced “EasyCal™”, which can only be found on our US Balance brand of scales. “EasyCal™” is a one button calibration method of calibrating a digital scale.

No other scale is as easy to calibrate as the US Balance scale with “EasyCal™”.

We offer mix & match quantity discounts which gives our customers the opportunity to save money by buying in smaller manageable quantities. A store can order 50 assorted scale styles for a better price with our mix & match quantity discounts. US BALANCE / Awesome Wholesale backs the US Balance brand scales by offering a ten year warranty and personalized customer service designed to help our customers sell and market the scale to their end user. US BALANCE / Awesome Wholesale offers quantity discounts for all of our customers to help them make an even better profit for their business.

Customers have the options of ordering our scales using our printed catalogs/flyers or by using our state of the art website. US BALANCE / Awesome Wholesale offers same day shipping on most orders via UPS. Our minimum order is only $150.

Our current facility is over 12,000 sq ft of warehouse space. We are looking to expand further in the coming years to even better serve our customers with a choice of even more unique patented scale designs. Over the past 18 years Awesome Wholesale has grown to be one of the largest importers and distributors of digital scales. And our plan is to continue serving you, our valued customer.