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OEM Services

OEM Services

US BALANCE clients include retailers, manufacturers and smaller companies new to international OEM and product sourcing. US BALANCE has the knowledge and experience to unlock the world of international manufacturing and product sourcing for your company. We can guide companies of any size through the complete process of OEM and product sourcing.

If your company has a product that you need manufactured or sourced, give us a call : 1-888-293-7661 or email us : sales (at) usbalance.com with your requirements. We have our own C & C machine and can develop some samples in house.

Our team can manufacture a wide variety of items, including :End products, including packaging goods for resale :

  • Components
  • Assemblies
  • Sub-assemblies

Our team can source a wide variety of items, including :

  • Electronic goods
  • Plastic goods
  • Metal goods